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Distraint 2 Mobile Android Game Point n Click Horror 90mb APK only no obb data

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 a unique side-scrolling horror game. The horror is more towards the psychological aspect with a very bleak atmosphere. Yes, because it seems that our main character named Price has a high sense of guilt to the point where his will to live has disappeared. He feels that he has committed a great sin towards several people in his past. With whom, it seems that this game has a connection to its previous series. So, for more clarity, it can be found in the previous series.

The job that forces him to cruelly evict several people from their homes. A job that he feels is not right. But the greatest guilt is towards a kind-hearted old widow named Mrs. Goodwin. Even though the woman doesn't blame Price, she still smiles and is friendly to Price. But this is what actually makes Price feel very sinful. Moreover, later Mrs. Goodwin passes away.

This drives Price to lose control and point a shotgun at his mouth. Did he die? Unfortunately, it is not clear because the scene changes to a lush place with a gentle breeze. From here, I am quite amazed by the smooth animation even though the graphics are only pixels. It is not a comfortable place because the other parts turn out to be scary and dark.

And from within the darkness emerges an elderly figure named Reason. A figure that is a part of him. And this is where the interesting and mysterious part is. Where is this Price?! If I had to guess, I would say he is inside himself. Fighting against his guilt that has haunted him all this time. Among his consciousness, which might mean he is in a coma.

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