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Project Mugen New OpenWorld Anime Like GTA Mobile Android & iOS Game Ultra HD Next Gen Graphics Action

Project Mugen can be called the Anime version of GTA. It is a new open-world game from Netease called @gamemobilenow, featuring next-gen graphics. It will be released on multiple platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS. It's not just Mihoyo and Tencent that are releasing new games, but Netease is also stepping up and contributing to the Anime-themed game industry. The game offers epic action combat with stunning skill effects that have a futuristic feel. Players can ride vehicles on the streets, fly, and even encounter trains, among other features. It's definitely an exciting game to look forward to!

What's this? GTA Anime!?
Netease announced more details about their urban-themed Open World game, namely "Project Mugen". This game is planned to be released on the Mobile, PC & Console platforms!
What do you think?

/Project Mugen mungkin bisa disebut GTA Versi Anime @gamemobilenow dari Netease game baru openworld dengan next gen graphics yang bakalan rilis multiplatform PC, Mobile Android & iOS, bukan hanya dari Mihoyo & Tencent saja yang rilis" game baru hits kali ini dari Netease saatnya bangkit berkontribusi dalam industri game bertemakan Anime saat ini dengan action combat yang memukau sangat epic sekali efek skill yang ditimbulkan sangan futuristik mantap pokonya , bisa menaiki kendaraan dijalanan, bisa terbang, ada kereta dll

Apa ini? GTA Anime!?
Netease umumkan lebih detail tentang game Open World bertema urban mereka, yaitu "Project Mugen". Game ini direncanakan akan rilis di platform Mobile, PC & Console!
Menurut kalian?


Video Gameplay

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