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Reviews Seal M new Mobile Android MMORPG Remake Seal PC Classic Can RMT?

This time, let's discuss a game called Seal M, a new MMORPG released in 2023 that brings back a lot of nostalgia for fans of the old Seal game that we used to play in internet cafes. Back in the day, there were only a few online games on PC like Seal, RF, DN, Ragnarok, and others. It was such an exciting time. Now, Play with has released its mobile game, which can be considered a remake. There have been some changes, such as the pet gacha system (a feature that might be a bit less friendly for free-to-play players) and the addition of an auto-hunt feature, which is okay because mobile games nowadays are meant to be simple and relaxing. There are also changes in the combo and skills, as well as the locations like Elim, NPCs, and the soundtrack, which are mostly similar to the PC version of Seal. Oh, and the stats have also changed in this version of Seal M. Now, let's talk about the trading system/market. In the PC version of Seal, there was an open market where real money trading (RMT) was possible, which was convenient for gold farmers. However, in Seal M, it is based on an integrated market system where items/equipment must be registered in the market, and the currency used is not gold but diamonds. However, there is still some room for RMT because the prices are not fixed, so we can set them to any value. In terms of graphics, it's already in 3D, and the view can also be adjusted to 3x mode according to preference. It also supports USB mouse for easier control, similar to the PC version. Hopefully, in the future, it will have full RMT capabilities, vending machines, a unity server, and a pet system that is not too reliant on gacha, making it more friendly for free-to-play players. The full size of the game is 1.9GB, and you can adjust the graphics quality to suit your mid-range smartphone specifications. Overall, it's playable, just adjust the quality accordingly.

/Kali ini mimin bahas game lagi Seal M, Game MMORPG baru yang rilis di tahun 2023 nostalgia banget buat para pecinta game Seal jamanan Pc warnet dulu main , mimin kejamanan juga saat itu masih sedikit game online di PC yakni Seal, RF, DN, Ragnarok dll seru pokonya jaman itu., sekarang Play with merilis game mobile nya mungkin ini bisa disebut Remakenya, beberapa perubahan yaitu sistem pet gatcha (fitur yang mungkin sedikit rada kurang ok karena tidak ramah F2P) , adanya auto hunt kalo ini ok saja karena memang game mobile masa kini yang simpel dan santai dan perubahan combo, skill juga, untuk tempat kaya Elim, NPC, Soundtrack selebihnya miriplah seperti di Seal versi PC nya,.  ouh iya perubahan stats juga berubah pada versi seal m ini,. nah yang terakhir mimin bahas trade sistem nya / market dlu kan di seal pc open market bisa RMT (enak buat para petani cegel) sekarang berbasis market terpadu dimana item / eq yang dijual harus didaftarkan dimarket dan untuk mata uangnya tidak menggunakan cegel yakni Diamond cuman ada celah buat RMT KARENA harga barang tidak dipatok sekian, jadi bisa kita atur dari nilai berapapun.. 

Secara grafis sih ok sudah 3D dan View juga bisa 3x mode perubahan sesuai selerai, support Mouse usb juga biar memudahkan mirip di Pc nya,. dan semoga saja kedepannya bisa full RMT bisa membuka vending machine dan ada unity server dan sistem pet tidak terlalu gatcha biar ramah ke f2p, untuk full size nya 1.9gb , bisa atur kualitas grafis jadi buat spek Hp nya yang masih MidEnd sih oke" saja bisa dimainkan tinggal sesuaikan kualitasnya,..

(Tested On Ratel Cell Snapdragon 835 Ram 6GB Os Oreo)


This ghost Trade Nice Feature For RMT 
/ini celah untuk petani diamond ada celah buat RMT dimana bisa rubah harga bebas sesuai keinginan

Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Seal M
🎬Genre : MMORPG
🎮Mode : ONLINE
🚻Multiplayer : Yes
⏱️Year : 2023
📱Platform : Android, iOS
📝Dev/Pub : Playwith
💾Size : 1.9gb+
⭐Rating :  3.9 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore, (Free Game)
OS : Android 4.1 + Up & iOS 12

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