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Ninja Village Mobile Android Game Simulation APK 30mb low size

I don't know why, but games from Kairosoft always feel exciting and interesting when played. They even make players addicted and lose track of time. Despite the outdated pixel graphics and similar gameplay concepts, these games manage to be captivating. The appeal of a game is not always determined by its graphics and size, but rather by its story and gameplay. The new ideas presented in these games make them highly entertaining.

In this game, we will play as a ninja managing our clan. We get to choose the name of the ninja and the clan. We will live in a village and manage the available resources. We can build various infrastructure, such as houses, roads, and fields. Each building has its own function, either to increase the clan's finances or to attract other ninjas to join our clan.

The clan members are also important in the game, as they are not only responsible for managing the fields but also for expanding the clan's territory. This can be achieved by seizing land from other ninjas or bandits in the area surrounding our village. The clan members have statuses and equipment that will determine their success in battles. We can train them and increase their levels by paying a certain amount of money.

The background story of the game is also interesting. While not crucial, it motivates us to enjoy the gameplay even more. The story starts when the Shogun falls from power, causing chaos throughout the region. Many rulers are vying to replace the Shogun. However, the Shogun has an ace up his sleeve – us. As the leader of the renowned ninja clan, our journey to unite and bring peace to all of Japan begins from here.


Video Gameplay

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