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Heroes of Flatlandia Mobile ANDROID Game APK 80mb only

It is an exciting SRPG game. With 3 types of character races and various units in battles. What is interesting is that in the gameplay, we will fight against 1 to 2 players in a scenario. We can choose how big the scenario is, the number of players involved, and the resources. Each player has their own territory and city. A city or town where we can buy units. And we can upgrade it to produce stronger units.

In this game, the bigger the territory we have, the more money we will get each turn. And of course, we have to fight and conquer it first before we can own it. These enemies are like NPC rulers of the territory and they are not part of the players competing. Prepare adequate units before deciding to conquer their territory. No matter how skilled we are in battles, victory is also determined by the number of units we have.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 types of races in this game, which are Elves, Orcs, and Undead. I think they all have equal combat abilities. With balanced unit types as well, each with a hero, ranged unit, melee unit, and mage. The gameplay follows the scheme of other SRPG games. We move between points and attack based on their respective attack types. Types like mage and archer can attack enemies from a distance, although their attacks may cause relatively small damage, they are safe from counter attacks. Meanwhile, melee units have to face each other to be able to attack.


Video gameplay

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