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Alien Blackout Mobile Android Game Action Horror APK 290mb OBB+

New and intense game themed around aliens. There is a vicious and instinctual alien or Xenomorph. This creature regenerates by using other organisms, including humans. So, besides being hunted as prey, humans in this series are also hunted as hosts for the alien's eggs. The film includes several epic scenes of the alien emerging from a human body. They tear their host apart from the inside when the alien larvae have matured. Not only that, but their saliva and blood also contain acid that can melt iron.

This is the alien that we will face in this game. However, we will not control a character in this game. Our task is to navigate the survivors to save themselves. And of course, we must ensure our own safety as well, as we will be playing as Amanda Rilley who is also on this ill-fated spaceship. You could say that this game has a gameplay scheme similar to Five Nights at Freddy's combined with Republique. Monitoring cameras and navigating two crew members.

The intense part is that the energy source in the spaceship is very limited, which is explained in the game using solar cells as the backup energy. If this energy runs out, it takes about 8 minutes to recharge. But the survivors in this game might die before that 😱. So managing energy is also a challenge in the gameplay. Additionally, don't forget to check your own room. The alien sometimes appears in the corridors where Amanda is. Quickly close the door if they are about to enter Amanda's room.

The gameplay of this game uses various views, starting from Amanda's first-person perspective in her room, the map of the spaceship, and several cameras on the ship. The camera view is the coolest in my opinion. The graphics and atmosphere look realistic and suspenseful. Then, we can move the characters on the map by dragging them in the direction we want. Occasionally, we can command them to stop, crawl, run, or hide depending on the situation. Play it for an exciting suspenseful experience.


Video Gameplay

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