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lets golf 2 Mobile Android Game Sport APK 120mb

Finally, I finally found the second installment of the Lets Golf series. Completing the posts of all the series. In my opinion, this is actually a more balanced and better-featured version. Compared to the first installment, this game has more characters. The costume choices and areas are also more diverse, and of course, the graphics and visuals are better. The characters are still chibi, but more proportional and pleasing to the eye.

Then, compared to the third installment, this game clearly loses in terms of graphics and features, but the premium game impression has vanished in the third installment. There are a lot of costume choices and other features, but they have to be purchased with IAP. So, the third installment feels more like a free game with many IAP features in it. And the best part is, the file I found already supports all resolutions and GPUs, making it more compatible. Many thanks to the modder, "David Rice".

Sometimes I feel like users back then were luckier. The era when some renowned developers still released games as good as this, rivaling the PSP. Unfortunately, at that time, Android phones were considered expensive, and I still had a Java phone 😂. Just having a phone was already a blessing. Even for those who were well-off, it seemed like they would prefer to buy a Blackberry rather than an Android. Because it was more trendy. It was like the vintage iPhone. A little nostalgia for the time that has passed unnoticed.

Back to the topic.

The gameplay is the same as the other installments, so I don't think it needs to be explained. Moreover, it will be clearer if you play it directly. Just don't be surprised if the ball veers off course or goes too far. Because there is also a factor of speed and wind direction in the game. So, you have to pay attention to the indicator in the top right corner of the screen.

Then, for the characters. Although there are more characters compared to the first installment, only two, Vincent and Jade, are available at the start of the game. The costumes are also all locked. We can unlock them through Career Mode with certain requirements. For example, winning matches in specific areas or getting a certain number of gold medals. In my opinion, it's even more enjoyable because there is added motivation to play.

Moreover, each character has their own unique appearance. And costumes not only change the character's appearance but also increase their status, whether it's power, accuracy, or other stats. So, besides making the characters cooler, costumes also enhance the performance of the characters in matches. If you're looking for a fun game to entertain yourself, I recommend this game.


Video Gameplay

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