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Plague Inc Mobile Android Game Strategy 68mb APK Offline no obb data

"Very Exciting!!!" A game that, at first glance, has no interesting aspect. Its graphics only consist of a world map and text. The gameplay is similar to a management game. But try playing it and enjoy it. There's a possibility that you will like it and become addicted to this game. How fun it is to spread a disease in a country. It will periodically spread to neighboring countries and even to the entire world. Millions or even billions of people will be infected and die. Eventually, humans will go extinct, and that means we win the game. It is an enjoyable game, but on the other hand, it is also quite terrifying. This game has a simple gameplay scheme. At the beginning of the game, we will choose the type of disease we want to spread, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and others. We can even choose special diseases like Necroa Virus, Neura Worm, and more. Then we choose the difficulty level we want to play. This is quite funny 😂 haha. For the Casual or easy difficulty level, it consists of unhygienic people who rarely wash their hands, making them more susceptible to infections. Next is the normal difficulty level, which is still better because 67% of the people wash their hands, and doctors work three times a week. For the brutal difficulty level, it seems to consist of people who love cleanliness but are sadistic, as almost all of the population wash their hands. Doctors work 24 hours, and if someone gets sick, they will be locked up in prison (probably meaning quarantine in a special place). Lastly, we name our disease. Give it a cool name for this deadly virus. And let the gameplay begin. The first thing we do is choose the first country to spread this disease. The enjoyable part is watching the process. It starts with only one infected person and spreads to millions. We control it to become a deadly disease that is very difficult to cure. We even control the means of transmission, whether it's through animals, water, or even through the air. The rules are simple: we win if humans go extinct, and we lose if humans find a cure.


Video Gameplay

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