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One Up v1.0.4 Game Mobile Android APK Endless Runner Puzzle

Game Runner is a platformer game with puzzle elements in it. The character we play as is a mechanic in a lemon drink production factory. With ninja abilities?! 😂 hahaha. Or if not, he is a parkour athlete. Just look at the gameplay, an ordinary person can't jump around like that. This character must be trained. Why am I talking about something irrelevant? 😅

This game has a simple gameplay. We just have to reach the top door of the mission area. With only 2 buttons, left and right tap on the screen. Left button to change direction and right button to jump. Meanwhile, the character will move automatically. It feels easy but also challenging. Especially in the next missions, the difficulty will increase with various mechanisms to reach the top door.

I don't know what the main character was doing, until the machines in this factory failed to fix. Instead, slowly the lemon water flooded the factory. So in the gameplay, we also have to quickly go up. If not, our character will drown in this lemon flood. It serves as a time limit in each mission. If this lemon factory collapses and thousands of employees are laid off because of it. then this damn character is responsible. 😂

Looking at the composition of the water, it seems like it can flood this whole area. His responsibility is getting bigger, damn it! Lemon is delicious to drink, but what about flooding? It stings the eyes when swimming. If you don't believe me, try taking a slice of lemon and squirting it into your eyes! Hehee Sorry for talking about something irrelevant again.


Video Gameplay

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