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Restore Survivor Mobile Android Game APK not available on Playstore

Game that I got info about from a friend on Instagram. I'm also confused in defining this game, because it has a combination of gameplay in it. It's fun though, but once again, the unfortunate thing is that this game is still in Chinese language.

But it can still be easily understood. In the tutorial, we are placed in a mission with many deer and one bear. In this mission, we are asked to search for and collect resources such as wood and stone. Once we have enough, we can go back to our defense home. I'm sharing this information, in case anyone gets confused. And we proceed to the next tutorial that makes the game more interesting.

The element of survival in the gameplay is prominent. Where we can create items with the available resources, such as weapons and other equipment. Then we can cook and even make medicine ourselves. Our character seems to have multiple talents. It's strange that they can also assemble an automatic turret to fend off zombies in one of the mission options.

This game has good graphics, with cool character visuals. At the beginning of the game, we will choose the gender and give a name to the character we will play. The gameplay starts with our character trying to fend off attacks from zombies and monsters trying to enter our shelter. At the start of the game, we also have a rifle weapon and are assisted by 2 advanced robot turrets that automatically aim at enemies.

But we still lose in the end. That's how the story goes. The longer we survive, the tougher the enemies become. So don't take it too seriously at the beginning. The actual gameplay starts after this, which turns out to be a survival game, guys. With several missions that we can take based on the paths available in our defense home.

There are missions in the forest, hunting zombies, and protecting the base. As a survival game, our character needs sleep, food, and drink. This game is complex. Maybe you can explore it yourself by playing it. And be careful, according to the information, this game is resource-intensive. But this game runs very smoothly on my Mido Phone. For those who have specifications around my phone or even higher and want to play it. What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and download it!!!!

Additional information:. The language in the game can be changed by changing the language on your phone or handheld device to English. I have tried it and it works. The language and text in the game will change to English. Thanks for it.


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