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The game that I got from my friend's info on Instagram is here again. Yep, it's the same person who gave me the info about Restore Survivor game yesterday. One of the games that supposedly was also released on the PS1. I've never played it on the PS, back in the days. Then when it was released on Android, I just found out, even though it's been a few years since its release. I'm really late in sharing it now. But it's okay, I think. Maybe there are others who have never played this game besides me. The one that just came out, I have just awakened. Eh, what game is this???? Hehee 😂.

Basically, it's a racing game. But not to be in the lead. The goal is actually to destroy the opponent's car. We can even crash into the spectators and animals in the circuit area. Yeah, even though the graphics look outdated for today's standards. But it's really exciting! From the effects and gimmicks of the NPCs when they're about to be hit. Usually they will run and scream "Aaaaaaaahhhh," before finally "Croott!!!" Gore, bro!!! It's either the spectators or the race organizers who are dumb. Or perhaps even the race participants. They all seem dumb 😂.

But from that stupidity, the gameplay becomes different and interesting. The spectators who are sometimes in the middle of the road, we can crash into them! I can crash into them even when they are on the side of the road, so imagine in the middle of the road. Hehee 😂 But don't imitate it! This is just a game! In this game, we can crash into people and actually get points for it. In the real world, don't!!! As for the controls, honestly, I find it uncomfortable. It's quite difficult to stabilize the car I'm driving. But overall, the gameplay is interesting. It's very suitable as entertainment. For mature-minded people 😁.


Video Gameplay

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