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Odd Eye Mobile Android Game APK Platformer Puzzle 2D

full of color, and the other is a dark black and white world. It is a world with contrasting visuals, opposite to each other. The story and gameplay will take place in these two worlds. The girl who feels strange with her eyes decides to venture and find out the truth about the world she sees. The concept is similar to some games that I have shared here before. I forgot the title! It's about the main character who can cross between two worlds. In the gameplay, this ability is useful for overcoming obstacles. The two worlds are similar but have different conditions. This game has adventure platformer gameplay, with puzzle elements in it. The camera angle will be on the side of the character and we will move it from left to right like classic arcade games. It has 2D graphics and looks good, but also unique and gloomy. Perhaps to create a more mysterious atmosphere. It has puzzles that are relatively easy and trivial. Maybe because it's still the early levels or intentionally made easy. But overall, this game is quite interesting. Especially from the storytelling aspect.


Video Gameplay

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