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Redcon Mobile Android Game Tower Defend

This game is a tower defense game, but with a strong strategic element. In each level, we have to be able to destroy the opponent's fortress. Each fortress has rooms with their respective functions, whether it's for defense or attack. There are also several warriors involved in the battle. The role of these warriors is also crucial, as they not only manage the fortress but also repair parts of the fortress that have been damaged by enemy attacks. Sometimes their presence can make the battle difficult to win. The interesting thing about this game is that we can aim at specific parts of the opponent's fortress according to our wishes. We can even adjust the type of projectile we launch. This is where the strategy lies. It may seem simple, but it actually has challenging gameplay. There was one level where I had to repeat it several times until I finally succeeded in passing it. The game becomes more and more interesting as you play it, it can be addictive. In the next level, we are asked to assemble each part of the fortress. From weapons, defense, healing rooms for warriors, and others.


Video Gameplay

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