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Green Project Mobile Android Game Pixel Survival APK

The game InT also has a humorous background story. We will control an astronaut who wakes up from his long sleep of 300 years. His fellow countrymen forgot about him while he was in a Cryogenic state. Cryogenic is a condition where humans are frozen for a specific purpose. In science fiction movies, it is usually used to reach other planets that are light-years away, which takes decades to achieve. That's why the entire crew is frozen and will be awakened when they reach their destination planet. Now, this person wakes up 300 years later and finds Earth deserted and uninhabited. Who knows what disaster happened?! What's certain is that in this game, Earth is very dangerous. We can even die by simply touching a liquid/green sphere. This is where the gameplay begins, surviving and adapting to the situation, collecting supplies and finding shelter. We can also do farming and livestock breeding. The gameplay is complex, suitable for players who enjoy pixelated survival games.


Video Gameplay

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