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Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Game Mobile Android APK

Ah, turns out Chapter 2 is presented separately. No wonder, the first series only consisted of Chapter 1. So when I posted the first series, this Chapter 2 hadn't been released yet. For those who informed me yesterday that Chapter 2 hadn't been opened yet, feeling disappointed because the second chapter hasn't been unlocked, you can continue the story in this second chapter. Don't worry, to play this second chapter, you don't have to have the first chapter installed. Technically, this is a standalone game, but with a continued story from the first series. You can even directly play this second chapter. But I suggest playing the first series first, to fully understand the background of the story. This game will continue the journey of Lucy in a mysterious and strange world. The condition of her mother, who seemed so depressed in the early chapters, will be answered in this second chapter. It can be said that in her adventure this time, Lucy is trying to free her mother from the influence of a creature named.


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