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Gray Land Mobile Android Game Adventure APK

 An interesting game with a heroic and romantic story. It is a 2D arcade adventure game, where in gameplay, we move the character from left to right screen. The one I'm sharing is the premium version. Because when I first downloaded and tried it, I found out it was the lite version. In certain chapters, we have to buy it to unlock/play the next chapters. Luckily, I played it out of curiosity for a long time. Because the gameplay is interesting and makes you curious. I searched for it again in the end. And I made sure that this is the premium version and all the chapters are unlocked. This game has an interesting story. The story starts with a group of humans who want to take a bird's nest. There are two birds and several eggs in that nest. The male bird tries to drive them away to save his family. He gets shot and falls down. Seeing the bitter sight of his partner and their eggs being taken by the humans. Somehow, with some unknown power, the male bird rises again. Even though he is in a weakened condition.


Video Gameplay

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