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Trojan War Mod APK Mobile Android Game Tower Defend Strategy

In the early stages, we collect useful meat to create units, whether they are workers, swordsmen, archers, and others. Observing the opponent is one of the good strategies because, just like us, they are also doing the same thing. Creating attacking units is also a form of defense because there are times when we will be surprised attacked by the opponent, even at the beginning of the stage. This game has an easily understood gameplay mechanism. There are only a few buttons on the top left and right of the screen. The left one is in the form of unit icons, which function to create units with different amounts of resources and time. Then, the right button is the command button. This is where we can command the units to defend, enter the fortress, or attack. This game is thrilling, addictive, and simple. You guys should try this game. It's suitable to be used as entertainment during leisure time.


Video Gameplay

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