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Royal Battletown Mobile Android Game APK Mod

From the title, I thought this was a battle royale game. Turns out it's an open-world game. You're free to roam around the area, drive vehicles, and take on missions scattered in the area. I found this game in the comments section from a friend named "CallMeBento," thanks a lot to him. This game is suitable for just having fun, as there is no story or progress that we have to chase in this game. And one more thing, look at the size! Don't have excessive expectations when downloading this game. This lightweight game has a lot of weapons that we can use. From melee weapons like a knife to heavy weapons like RPG. We can easily buy weapons in the store. You know, the power of mod money hehe. In the store, we can also buy other equipment. For example, clothing or other accessories to customize the character's appearance. Then, there are items like armor, med kits, and repair kits that are useful in battles. You can even buy vehicles like helicopters and airplanes.

 (TESTING Ratel Cell Oreo SD835 Offline)


Video Gameplay

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