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Fly Hunter Origins Platformer Mobile Android Game APK

Good game that I got from a friend's request in the comment section. I must admit, lately the requested games have been better than the ones I search for myself. Luckily, I saved the requests from my friends in a note. It's like having backup ammunition that I can release when in desperate situations. Hehe. It's really helpful in times like this. Thanks a lot to those who provided the information. It's an exciting platformer game. It has good graphics and an interesting theme. In this game, we play as an alien named Zak whose job is to hunt insects. With a stick-like weapon similar to a fly swatter, we have to destroy the insects we encounter in order to collect the fluid from their bodies. This fluid is very useful in upgrading Zak's weapon in the gameplay. It's an adventurous and risky journey, especially for Zak who is small in size. From his perspective, ants appear as large as elephants. Moreover, the areas are full of traps like fly-catching plants, water, spiders, and others. So, yeah, it's quite challenging gameplay. It's really exciting.


Video Gameplay

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