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Knock Knock Horror Mobile Android Game APK



I thought this was a point and click game. I want to try it because of its unique visual graphics. Besides, this is an offline and premium game. It should be interesting later. And indeed, it is, but it is a horror hide and seek game. The basic gameplay is similar to Five Night Freedy, which is to defend yourself from a terrifying creature/entity for a predetermined amount of time. Passing it allows you to continue to the next level/day. We will control a character named Lodgers in this game. Who lives alone in a cabin in the middle of the forest. The days are spent in fear as the day starts to darken. The night is long for him because he suffers from insomnia. Strange sounds always wake him up every night. His sanity level fades away. It is during the night that we will control him. Moving around in his cabin/house to make time pass faster and survive until morning approaches.


Video Gameplay

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