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Mini Motor Racing Game Mobile Android APK

It is a racing game with a classic game-style gameplay. Where the camera perspective is from above. It feels different, but I find it quite fun. We just need to get used to the controls, and it's not difficult. It feels like we are controlling a remote control car. Consistent with the visuals of the cars that look like toy cars. This game has a lot of tracks. With diverse landscape areas. Some tracks are urban, sandy areas, and even a forest. What makes it more interesting is the graphics, which I think is also good. The only downside of this game is the short tracks. It is not uncommon for us to overlap our opponents. For those of you who find it difficult with the default controls like me, you can change them in the game settings. There are 4 control options inside. They are Wheel, Toogle, Tank, and Slider. As for me, I choose the Toogle control type. I mention it because there may be players who don't know. Controls are quite crucial in a game. Uncomfortable controls will affect the enjoyment of the gameplay.


Video Gameplay

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