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White Flame Game Mobile Android Action Adventure 120mb APK

the gameplay is made to be more friendly in terms of difficulty and fun. However, the storyline and prologue of the gameplay will be skipped. Additionally, we cannot change the name of the main character. It is an adventure action game with a TPS (third-person shooter) gameplay similar to Dark Souls. We can collect souls by slaying enemies, which are useful for upgrading the character's stats and weapons, as well as buying items to restore HP. During battles, our movements are limited by stamina. Interestingly, there is no clear objective in the gameplay. We are free to go anywhere in this game, facing various types of enemies and challenging boss fights. Oh, by the way, the souls in the shared file are indeed infinite. However, once our character dies, the souls will be depleted and become 0. So, before being killed by enemies, make the best use of the souls in the gameplay. Don't regret not utilizing the souls to their fullest potential when the progress is far along.


Video Gameplay

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