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Pixel Art's Mobile Android Games Vol 2

Kali ini mimin kasih list game 
Kumpulan games pixel art's vol 2, yang seru sebenarnya masih banyak lagi diantaranya yang sudah mimim bahas dulu..

/This time Mimin will give you a list of games
A collection of Pixel Art's Vol 2 games, which are really exciting, there are actually many more, some of which have been discussed earlier...

1. Zombie Night Terror
2. Darkrise
3. Apple Knight
4. Fishing Paradise
5. Lost Store
6. Fake Future
7. No Place For Bevery
8. Endurance
9. Thimbleweed Park
10. Otherworld Legends
11. Dandara
12. Scourge Bringer
13. Buff Knight Advance
14. Apocalypse
15. Candles in Castle
16. Parah cuy
17. Love craft unstold story
18. Crying suns
19. Life in Adventure
20. Diandara

1. Zombie Night Terror  Download

2. Darkrise  Download

3. Apple Knight  Download

4. Fishing Paradise  Download

5. Lost Store  Download

6. Fake Future  Download

7. No Place For Bevery Download

8. Endurance  Download

9. Thimbleweed Park  Download

10. Otherworld Legends  Download

11. Dandara  Download

12. Scourge Bringer  Download

13. Buff Knight Advance Download

14. Apocalypse Download

15. Parah cuy  Download

16. Love craft unstold story  Download

17. Crying suns  Download

18. Life in Adventure  Download

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