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Jackass Human slingshot New Mobile Arcade Casual Android Offline in 2022


It's a good casual arcade game, the official mobile game from "jackass", for rental kids, ps will definitely be familiar with the game" jackass: the game and the mobile version are made more relaxed and safer, you know the original game is more dangerous, which Most remember the challenge when the main character is pushed into a steep cliff / cliff, if you are imitated by today's children, it's dangerous.
The mobile version is not much different from the PS / PlayStation version, namely the more obstacles you destroy and the more injuries you get, the more rewards you get (life is like the game version of Larry. :v)

Here the player will be Johnny Knoxville who will throw himself using a catapult and sit in a unique vehicle, which is mounted like a rocket to get further. There are some unique vehicles that can be unlocked later and there are some costumes that can also be used later.
The gameplay itself is very simple, the player must have one shining point, besides that, they have to complete several missions, just for info, just read the game description on the Playstore, unexpectedly, it turned out to be dev. The promotion is in style, at the bottom it says the film "jackass forever" will launch February 4, 2022
This game is still new, it was released on January 19, 2022 yesterday

/Merupakan game arcade kasual yg bagus, game mobile resmi dari "jackass ", buat anak rental ps pasti ngk asing dengan game" jackass: the game dan versi mobile nya dibuat lebih nyantai dan lebih aman , ya tau sendiri game asli nya lebih bahaya, yg paling inget challenge pas karakter utama di dorong ke jurang / tebing yg curam, kalo sampe dicontoh anak jaman sekarang kan bahaya.
Di versi mobile nya ini gak jauh beda dengan yg versi PS / PlayStation nya, yaitu semakin banyak rintangan yg di hancurkan dan semakin banyak cedera maka makin banyak reward yg didapat (hidup seperti lary versi game. :v)

Disini player akan menjadi Johnny Knoxville yg akan melemparkan diri nya menggunakan ketapel dan duduk di kendaraan yg unik, yg dipasang semacam roket agar bisa lebih jauh. Ada beberapa kendaraan unik yg nanti nya bisa di unlock dan ada beberapa kostum yg nantinya jg bisa di pakai.
Gameplay nya sendiri sangat sederhana player harus satu titik bersinar, selain itu harus menyelesaikan beberapa misi juga nah sekedar info baru aja baca deskripsi game di playstore nya, tidak terduga ternyata dev. Nya promosi dengan gaya ,dibagian paling bawah katanya film " jackass forever " akan launching 4 February 2022
Ini game masih baru juga rilis 19 Januari 2022 kemarin

Title: Jackass Human Slingshot
Developer: BBTV
Mode: Offline
Size 136 mb
Versi : 0.44.13 ( latest version)
Genre: Arcade, Casual
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
Mod: Unlimited Money

Video Gameplay

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