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Major Mayhem Mobile Android Game 80mb APK Shooter Casual no obb data

A casual game with a shooter genre. However, this game has gameplay similar to popular arcade and PS1 games called Time Crisis. The gameplay itself is very easy, simply tap on the enemies that appear and the character will shoot at them. Sometimes a hostage is among the enemies, so you have to be careful not to hit the wrong target. It would be embarrassing to hit the wrong target, right?! The main character in this game is a mayor. In the story, while on vacation at a beach, he suddenly gets attacked by his enemies. And this is where the excitement of the game begins. In the gameplay, the mayor will not just stand still in one place. He will keep running from left to right on the screen while shooting at his enemies, who are ninjas in this case. Besides the hostages, we also have to be careful of enemy shots accompanied by a red circle. That indicates accurate enemy shots. It's not the same as being hit, so we have to hide or shoot the enemies before they shoot their bullets. What makes it more exciting is that sometimes enemies keep attacking while the mayor is running to the next location. The action atmosphere is very strong. Although it is small and lightweight, this game has graphics that I can say are quite good. Plus, the animation movements are smooth. This is why I decided to share it here. In addition, there are quite a few missions in this game. There are also various weapons that we can buy and upgrade. Plus, there are costumes that will make the mayor's appearance more unique and amusing. It's easy because what I shared is the mod apk file. So, from the beginning, we can buy the weapons we want because it has unlimited money and gems. Not only that, the energy is also unlimited. Need entertainment or feeling bored? Let's download and play this game.


Video Gameplay

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