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Project Arrival New Online Mobile Android Game Survival In 2022 Unreal engine HD Graphics

In 2022, many survival-themed games have been released, but the game is online, this time it is a game entitled Project Arrival, after previously Mimin discussed the Survival game, namely Fading City and Crisis X Mobile for Crisis X Mobile, which has been released globally on Playstore, a game set in Sc-Fi Survival RPG Wandering on a distant outer space planet, the view that is presented is really, really good... Our mission survival from Aliens or monster

/Di tahun 2022 banyak rilis game bertema Survival cuman gamenya Online kali ini game Berjudul Project Arrival, setelah sebelumnya Mimin bahas game Survival juga yaitu Fading City Dan Crisis X Mobile untuk Crisis X Mobile sudah rilis Global di Playstore, Game berlatar Sc-Fi Survival RPG Berkelana di planet luar angkasa yang jauh disana pemandangan yang disuguhkan beuuh oke banget sangat bagus... Misi ini Survival dari Aliens atau Monster

Project Arival, the newest Survival RPG game on Android and currently still in the testing stage in Canada (Required to use VPN). This game is serious in terms of graphics and the gameplay is really cool.
I don't know if it can still be downloaded or not for this Beta Test stage.
Game Size : 4.5 GB
Play on ROG Phone 5

/Project Arival, game Survival RPG terbaru di Android dan sekarang masih tahap test di Canada (Wajib pakai VPN). Ini game seriusan dari grafis dan juga gameplaynya keren banget.
Entahlah masih bisa didownload atau ngga untuk tahap Beta Test ini.
Bahasa: Inggris
Game Size : 4,5 GB
Bermain di ROG Phone 5

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Video Gameplay

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