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Gathering Sky Mobile Android Game Casual Adventure APK 250mb

It is a game published by A Stranger Gravity, which has been released on Android, IOS, and PC. It is a game that allows us to play as a bird and soar through the air. Above a world designed with very beautiful visuals. A game that seems to be worth trying by all players, especially those who are very busy and feel burdened by their daily routines. Because from the information I have obtained, this game is designed for relaxation and calming the mind. Basically, it makes the player who plays it feel more relaxed and comfortable. And I think it is proven when I play it. The perspective of this game is a top-down view. At first, we will control a flying bird. The controls are also simple, just tap and hold. Then swiping after tapping is how we control the direction of the bird's movement. The bird flies at a relatively moderate speed. In this game, we will find a wind path to make the flight faster and more winding. During the journey, there will be some birds that we can approach to join. Before we know it, we will control a group of birds that make the visual more attractive. There will be some obstacles in this game, I'm not sure exactly what they are, but it seems like a floating island. The bird will not die by hitting parts of the island. But sometimes these obstacles cause some birds to be separated from the flock we control. But don't worry, with quick thinking and control, we can fetch them and return to the flight path again. So gather other birds flying in the sky and guide them with our hands. There are several areas that players can explore, with different conditions and appearances. Just like the graphics, the audio in this game also seems to greatly support its visual appearance. The melodious orchestra music, with a bright sky view. My suggestion is to play with headphones/earphones, then play this game in the cool and plant-filled backyard. Enjoy the gameplay along with the music and visuals. Then feel the sensation.


Video Gameplay

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