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The Hole Story Game Mobile Android APK 76mb only no obb data again puzzle adventure RPG (Full Reviews)

Honestly, I initially thought that this game was similar to Harvestmon with the typical gameplay of managing a farm. But I was wrong, it turns out this is an adventure game with old-school 2D graphics. I thought it was a farming game because the main character in this game holds a shovel and when I was watching the trailer on YouTube, she was digging the ground as if planting plants. Turns out I misunderstood hehee, this little girl has her own reasons why she likes to dig the ground with her shovel. Her name is Wendy, her dream is to become an archaeologist like her parents. That's why she enjoys digging the ground, to find ancient artifacts that she considers valuable. Just like any other day, Wendy spends her time in the backyard with her Grandmother. Under her Grandmother's supervision, Wendy is free to dig the backyard. Occasionally Wendy finds old keys and collects them in her bag. Until one day, Wendy finds a strange device near a tree. And when Wendy interacts with the device, it emits a strange sound and sucks her into a portal. Without understanding it, this aspiring archaeologist has been thrown into a strange place with her beloved shovel. A foreign place far from her home in Kansas. And this is where Wendy's adventure will begin. Relying on her favorite shovel and her sharp mind, she must find a way to return home. And from what I read on PlayStore, Wendy must rescue Princess Alonna who has gone missing from her kingdom, in order to find her way back home. The shovel will be very useful in gameplay to find items related to the mission in this game.



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