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Epoch 2 Mobile Android Game Shooter APK OBB 1.5gb (Full Reviews)

The shooter game with stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3. It features smooth effects and textures, as well as a long campaign or story mode. Similar to the first Epoch game, which tells the mystery of the disappearance of human civilization, this game will continue their story in its sequel. The gameplay mechanism of Epoch 2 is a cover-based shooter, which I prefer to call a hide and shoot game. The perspective is highlighted from the character's back. The game controls use gestures from touch inputs. Sliding down will make the robot take cover, sliding up will come out of cover, sliding up again will sometimes jump or hang onto platforms, and then sliding left and right to dodge. To shoot, the player simply taps on enemies, and the robot will automatically shoot at the tapped and targeted enemy. The controls are simple, but it makes the gameplay very enjoyable with busy and cool acrobatic movements. There are three special weapon modes available that are very helpful in battles, located on the top right of the screen. When the player feels overwhelmed during battles, they can use a rocket launcher that will instantly destroy enemies on the screen. Bombs can be used to destroy hidden targets, and a speed booster that makes all attacks seem slow. The game is set in a future where Earth's population is controlled by robots, and it seems like they have no other priority than engaging in battles. The story itself is a continuation from the first Epoch game, where the robots the player controls track the whereabouts of the missing princess Amalia and try to end the war between two robot factions that have destroyed the human world.


Video Gameplay

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