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Superheroes Fight: Sword Battle Mobile Android Game Action Platformer 65mb APK

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A casual game with a Superhero Tokusatsu theme, where the characters are 5 in number with different colors. The design of the characters is also cool, where the names and colors of their armor represent their respective elements. There is Lava, who is red in color and serves as the leader, with fire as his element. Then there is Tsunami, who is blue and has water as his element. There is Tornado, who is green and represents the wind with super fast movements. Clift is the only character that is still locked and can only be unlocked through in-app purchases. And finally, there is Atlas, who represents the element of Earth.

It is a hack n slash game with basic missions. The missions are very simple, which is to slay all the enemies that appear in the area and continue moving forward/to the right. At the end of the mission, a boss will appear that we have to defeat in order to complete the mission. The control mechanism is similar to other hack n slash games. There is a D-pad to move the character to the left and right, as well as attack buttons and three skill buttons on the right side of the screen. As usual, skills have a cooldown time after being used. The skill effects in this game also look cool.

In each mission, we can bring two of the five superheroes available. Both will fight in the mission, one controlled by us and the other will move automatically. But later, we can switch control between superheroes with buttons above the virtual gamepad. Oh, if we find it difficult to fight enemies in a mission, it means it's time to upgrade our superheroes. Because the one I shared is a mod apk, this can be easily done. Just don't upgrade the characters excessively, so that the gameplay remains exciting.


Video Gameplay

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