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Metal Wings Mobile Android Game Shooter APK 75mb



In a faraway GALAXY, there is a planet called Northeric. War has destroyed this once peaceful land. The mastermind behind it all is someone who wants to control the power of the planet's core and dominate the GALAXY. Losing her power and position, the queen of the planet asks for help. Regardless of gender, race or position, an elite force named W.I.N.G.S comes to her aid. This is the background story of the game. It is a side-scrolling shooter game with exciting and fun gameplay. In its missions, we will move from left to right while battling enemies that come to attack. At the end of each mission in its chapters, we will face a boss enemy. A larger and more exciting character to confront. It's like a game similar to Metal Slug, but more casual. This game also has chibi character designs but with a more contemporary visual style. The battles presented are also exciting, with automatic shooting aiming upwards or downwards following the enemy's movements. From the information, there are 3 playable characters in this game. The initial character is a red-haired girl named Mei. As a casual game, this game surprisingly has increasingly difficult levels with each additional mission. As the missions get longer, the enemies become more numerous and diverse. It's predictable. As a freemium game, of course, it will be made with high difficulty levels to encourage in-app purchases. Luckily, I found an apk mod money. So there won't be any issues with weapons and upgrades. And we can enjoy the gameplay more.


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