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Rogue Gunner 90mb APK Mobile Android Game Shooter

A small and lightweight top-down view TPS game. But don't be mistaken, because the graphics in this game are quite good and it has exciting gameplay. The game setting is also unique, as it takes place in a virtual world. It is narrated that the main character, named Marty, is an athletic and handsome young man who enjoys outdoor activities and parties. He despises geeks, nerds, and gamers. His arrogance softens when he meets a genius coder named Lucas. Lucas has created a virtual reality world called The Cyber. Lucas challenges Marty that he won't be able to survive for 19 minutes in The Cyber. To prove Lucas wrong, Marty accepts the challenge. And so, Marty's adventure in The Cyber virtual reality world begins. Will Marty surpass this challenge? It all depends on you guys. The players of this game. The gameplay of this game is quite easy, just shoot enemies, move to the next area until reaching the end, which means the mission is completed. In the first 3 missions, Marty will help 3 people who will assist him in The Cyber. The first one is a weapon merchant, an expert in weapon upgrades, and a talent opener. There are several types of weapons in this game, such as sniper, laser, crossbow, rifle, and others. Each weapon has different skills. Some shoot with a spread, summon robots to assist Marty in battle for a certain period, shoot rocket bullets that can chase enemies, and so on. The controls are not a problem and comfortable. There is an analog stick to move the character, and the shoot button on the right side of the screen. Below it, there is a button to dash, which is useful to avoid traps. And at the top, there is a button for skills. The aim is automatic in this game, and personally, I think this is what makes the game more enjoyable and easy. However, this auto-aim feature can be changed if you don't like it through the options menu. In each battle mission, we can only carry two weapons. But maybe later we can carry up to 3 weapons. Because there is one locked tile/box in the weapon equipment section.


Video Gameplay

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