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Shipping Manager 2024 New Mobile Android Game Simulation


Build Your Empire of Ships and Seaports
Do you have what it takes to become a shipping tycoon and rule the seas? Do you want to explore oceans and deliver goods to hundreds of ports and docks? Do you want to challenge other players and real-life giants like Maersk, Evergreen and MSC?

If you are looking for a fun and exciting ship simulator, then Shipping Manager is meant for you!

Create and Manage Your Ship Tycoon Strategy
Shipping Manager is a multiplayer ship simulator that lets you create and manage your strategy to grow your ship empire. You can choose from hundreds of different real ship types and customize them to suit your needs. You can also buy and sell ships, invest in other shipping companies, play the stock market, build or join alliances, and much more!

Plan Your Routes and Balance Your Costs and Profits
Shipping Manager is not just a ship simulator, it’s a realistic and challenging business tycoon simulator where you build an empire from scratch. You have to plan your routes carefully, taking into account factors like fuel prices, canal usage tax, weather conditions, and pirate attacks. You have to balance your costs and profits, and keep your customers and staff happy. You have to deal with market fluctuations, supply and demand, and global events.

Choose Your Tycoon Mode: EASY or REALISM
Shipping Manager offers two modes: EASY and REALISM. In EASY mode, you can enjoy the game without worrying too much about the details. In REALISM mode, you can test your skills and knowledge against the most realistic and demanding scenarios - like a real tycoon!

Explore the World’s Seaports and Docks
This ship simulator will keep you hooked! You will never get bored of exploring the world’s seaports and docks, from Shanghai to Los Angeles, from Rotterdam to Singapore, from Dubai to New York. You will always have new challenges and opportunities to grow your empire and become the tycoon of the seas.

Enjoy the In-Depth Tactical Features
This ship simulator will make you feel like an actual shipping tycoon. You will enjoy the in-depth strategic aspects, such as:

Shipping features
🚢 Stop pirates from hijacking your ships.
🚢 Manage your staff.
🚢 Play the stock market and invest.
🚢 Manage company marketing.
🚢 Build or join alliances.

Ship features
🚢 Build new vessels.
🚢 Purchase used ships.
🚢 Track your routes live.
🚢 Customize your vessels.
🚢 Improve ships to sail faster.


Video Gameplay

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