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Evertale RPG Turnbased Mobile Android Game 90mb APK Offline

Finally, a turn-based game has emerged once again. What makes it unique is that in its gameplay, there is an element of training or training the monsters. Of course, this includes catching/capturing the monsters and their evolutionary aspects. Then, we can use the monsters we capture as a party in battles. What's cool is that the number of parties we can bring into battle is 4, whether it's the monsters we capture or the characters who join us.

In this game, monsters have levels based on the number and color of stars they have. The more stars and the darker the color, the higher their combat power and potential. They are also harder to obtain and have higher rarity levels. Apart from capturing monsters, we can also obtain party members by exchanging 100 Soul stones for a random summon. If we're lucky, we might get strong characters. Sometimes, there is a trainer we encounter on the way who can become a party member after we defeat them in battle.

It can be said that this game has a complete gameplay. Besides each monster having their own elemental attacks, the characters also have cool special attacks, making the battles more exciting. The visual of the characters in battle also looks cool, with decent animations. And the main point of this game is its story. The theme of the story is very RPG-like. It revolves around saving the world and the protagonist's special role in their existence as the chosen one to overcome a major crisis and conflicts.


Video Gameplay

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