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Awake - Definitive Edition 70mb apk Mobile Android Game Point n Click

For now, if there is a game with unusual graphics, for example, visualized with a classic impression and only black and white colors. This game is definitely a good game. Hehehe. In the past, maybe people ignored it because they considered good games based on graphics and popular genres. And it is true, this is a game with an interesting theme. The gameplay is simple but intriguing. It is also supported by natural and fitting voice acting, with intonations like a dialogue between two partners. This game will tell the story of a couple or maybe a husband and wife who are on vacation in a remote location. A romantic vacation with a bonfire and beautiful nature. The man's name is Marc and the woman's name is Caroline. What was romantic turns into a nightmare when Marc becomes a target for murder by someone in that place. But strangely, when he dies, time rewinds to when he was sitting on the couch with his wife. Now, this is the gameplay of the game. With the available time intervals, we have to prevent this event from happening. I won't spoil the tricks, because it won't be fun. So do your best to solve this event. That is by preventing this murder. If the ending is Marc's death, time will rewind to the same place again. The trick is to utilize some objects in the surrounding area. And the maximum number of objects we can carry and use is only 4.


Video Gameplay

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