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Hot Guns Mobile Android Pixel Game Shooter APK 60mb

Pixel game again guys 😄 ahahaha! Graphics enthusiasts might be disappointed. "Ah, shit 😒, playing this game can cause cataracts, damn", Oh my eyes 😱". Why don't you try it first? Not all games sell their graphics. One important aspect besides graphics is gameplay. Even if the graphics are bad, if the gameplay is good, it's worth playing. Including this game. It has an exciting action side-scrolling gameplay. With challenging difficulty levels, but also addictive. Believe me, at certain levels, we will often repeat the level because we get killed by enemies. It's frustrating! But it also makes us curious to pass it.

In this game, you have to be cautious while playing. Because our character in this game only has one life. Once injured, they'll die and the game will start from the beginning of the chapter. Come to think of it, it's true, we would die if shot or hit by a bomb. Even if it's our own bomb. The stupidest thing I've done in this game is getting hit by my own bomb after defeating the boss in chapter 1. Damn it 😬! Have to fight the boss again. And the boss is difficult too.

The visual and gestures of the character when getting shot and exploding are also extremely cool. It's not uncommon for the character's body to scatter due to explosions. It's enjoyable to watch and it boosts our enthusiasm while playing. The game controls are also comfortable and easy. There's only a d-pad to move the character and three action buttons A, B, and C. A for jumping, B for shooting, and C for discarding weapons. Yes, only for discarding weapons. But it's important, useful for making the character jump higher. Some elements in gameplay will require us to do this, to reach certain places or to continue the journey.


Video Gameplay

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