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Drag Racing 3D Mobile Android Game APK 170mb

OBB For Drag Racing 3D: unzip the folder to /Android/obb/

It is an interesting drag racing game. The races in this game are not held on a track or a safe route. Instead, they take place on a crowded traffic lane. That's why, besides pushing the vehicle as fast as possible, we also have to be careful with other drivers. And that's the challenge, making the gameplay feel different and more exciting compared to other drag racing games. Which normally only focus on speeding up the vehicle. As players, we only need to shift gears accurately.

What makes this type of game interesting are the additional features. In this game, we can customize our car according to our preferences. Such as changing its color and appearance. Then there are some cool cars that we can buy. And there are complete upgrade features. Starting from tire upgrades to engine upgrades. Upgrades to make our car faster. There is also something that most racing game players may like, which is Nitro. Its effect is cool! Usually visualized as a burning exhaust followed by a strong push that makes the car go faster.

As for the controls, they are naturally different too. Because besides gear shifting, there are also left and right d-pad buttons. It's almost the same as other drag racing games in terms of basics. We have to change gears at the right moment to make the vehicle accelerate faster. Specifically, on the green-colored strip. Then, the left and right d-pad buttons are used to avoid other cars on the track. Remember! The track in this game is a public road. The graphics in this game are very supportive, whether it's the cars or the tracks. Plus, the size is also friendly, worth it in my opinion. Especially for those who enjoy this genre.


Video Gameplay

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