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Cartoon Craft Mobile Android Game Strategy APK

An RTS game with simple graphics but offers interesting and addictive gameplay. It feels like playing a game similar to Age of Empire on a Java HP. It falls under the genre of games with fairly long gameplay, starting from finding resources to building up strength. This can be done either to anticipate enemy attacks or even initiate attacks. As far as I have played, there are only two types of resources in this game, wood blocks and gold. And we can collect these resources from workers. The more workers there are, the faster the resources accumulate.

There are several buildings in this game, each with its own function. For example, the farm increases the population size of our troops, the barracks is where we create soldiers, and so on. I feel that this game is made simpler compared to other similar RTS games. It doesn't have many features, so it is easy to understand. The exciting part is when our troops are strong enough to attack the enemy. It feels enjoyable when we press on the enemy or even destroy their stronghold.

Sometimes, to find out the enemy's position, I will send one unit of troops. Let's just consider this as an expedition team. However, usually, they die slaughtered by the enemy in the middle of the journey. But through this, we know where the enemy's position is. At the same time, we can also monitor the surrounding area, who knows if there are enemy troops planning to attack. The units in this game are not as many as other RTS games. So far, when playing for the human faction, there are only Warriors, Archers, Helicopters, and Catapults. Yeah, it's all quite simple. But maybe it was intentional so that most players can enjoy the gameplay. And it's still fun!


Video Gameplay

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