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Fracter Puzzle Mobile Android Game APK 150mb OBB

I got this game from a Facebook friend's recommendation. I was interested because of its black and white graphics that still looked captivating. This game is a puzzle game, with a theme of light and darkness. At first, I didn't know what to do, but at the beginning of the game, the main character is already in a dark world. Suddenly, a bright triangle-shaped light appears. Of course, we have to guide the character to enter it. Then, they arrive in a room with a small round light in the middle and floating debris around it. And this is where the interesting part of the game begins. The light suddenly moves above the main character's head and causes the floating debris to fall and form a mirror. Curious, the character approaches it and an explosion occurs. The explosion creates several shadows of light and darkness coming out of the mirror. They will become part of the gameplay in each mission. The light and darkness will enter the main character's body, but we have to avoid the dark shadows. If they enter the main character, it's game over. But it's not a problem if we catch these black shadows. The game will just restart from the nearest checkpoint. That's what makes this game less challenging. There are several light puzzles in this game, mostly involving a glowing pillar that needs to be directed to a cube. Additionally, we have to avoid or eliminate the dark shadows by luring them into a light. Overall, this game is quite exciting and interesting, especially for puzzle game enthusiasts.


Video Gameplay

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