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Danmaku 2 Mobile Android Game APK 90mb Offline

It is a classic vertical shooter airplane game. It is packaged in more modern graphics. This game has good and colorful graphics. The visuals of the enemy bullets scattered across the screen are beautiful to look at. But at the same time, it challenges us to avoid them. Veterans of the arcade game era surely know the feeling. Avoiding a rain of bullets with a small gap is satisfying if we can avoid them, hehe.

The pace of the battles in this game is fast and intense. When I play, I feel more focused on avoiding the bullets. Fortunately, the plane shoots automatically, and I chose bullets with a spread type. So the gameplay feels easier. Gosh, I didn't expect the bullets to be everywhere! They almost fill the entire screen. Shooter games in arcade machines aren't even as crazy as this. And this is only on normal difficulty, imagine if it's hard or extreme 😬.

As for the controls, they are the same as other shooter games released on Android, which is using drag. The plane is controlled based on the movement of our finger on the screen. Then there are 2 modes in this game, Burst and Classic Mode. I only see the difference between these two modes in their weapons. In Burst Mode, if we swipe back around the plane, the plane will shoot a powerful laser briefly/depending on the gauge's amount. In Classic Mode, swiping back changes the weapon, either from rifle to laser or vice versa.

Then there is something called Trance Mode (it reminds me of FF9 hehe), this is a mode where the bullets from our plane are more powerful for a certain period of time. This mode can be activated automatically when the trance gauge is full or manually but also when the trance gauge is full, by swiping up around the plane.


Video Gameplay

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