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Fin & Ancient Mystery Mobile Android Game 70mb APK Adventure Platformer

First impression when playing this game? I thought it was a premium game. It has smooth animation movements and good visuals. Additionally, it has an interesting storyline concept. My assumption turned out to be wrong because this game can be obtained for free from the Playstore. However, what I will offer is a different file. A file that has been modded, with no ads. So playing it can be more comfortable and feels like a premium game.

This game is a platformer genre, where the main character will frequently jump. It's enjoyable because the areas are designed that way. Moreover, there are some enemies that will hinder Fin's adventure. Just swing the sword at them. Even at the end of each area, there will be boss enemies waiting for us. They are much stronger and won't die with just three strikes like the other enemies. And of course, their attacks are more dangerous. It takes a little effort to defeat them.

The controls in this game are very comfortable. I can easily jump on various platforms and avoid traps. There is only a virtual d-pad on the left and right to move the character. I prefer this control method rather than using swipe controls. Additionally, there are action buttons and others on the right side of the screen. Apart from the jump and slash buttons, the main character in this game can also unleash magic. Long-range attacks that require MP. Sometimes, there are also buttons for special commands like pulling levers or going down an area when on a bridge.

The actual storyline is interesting. It revolves around a dog named Fin. When he almost reached his home after years of being away. A comfortable and peaceful place. But what he received wasn't a warm welcome from his father. Instead, he was shocked to see a black cat and his dying father lying on the floor. His father's final request before passing away was for Fin to find and protect a Crypt artifact. But Fin has no idea what his father meant. Following the intruding cat's initiative is the beginning of his adventure and ours in this game.


Video Gameplay

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