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Rusty Lake Paradise Mobile Android Game Puzzle 90mb APK Point n Click

That's the impression I got when playing this game. The story and behavior of the characters are unusual. But I don't know why this game continues to make me curious and want to keep playing it. Because besides being strange, the story of this game is interesting for us to enjoy. As a Point n click game, the puzzles in this game are quite diverse and also unusual. The average puzzle is just matching or placing some objects in certain places. But there are some puzzles that make us think a little and try to understand them. For example, arranging the jumping route of a frog, blowing the flute in tune with the frog, and so on.

The main character in this game is named Jakob, he is the oldest boy in the Eilander family. In a letter sent by his father, Jakob is asked to return to Paradise after his mother's death. Paradise is an island in a lake inhabited by the Eilander family. So far, only a few people from this family inhabit Paradise, namely Jakob's grandmother, his father, his uncle, and some of his siblings. Their behavior is generally strange. But maybe they started acting strange after Jakob's mother died. Her mysterious death has caused the island to be cursed with ten plagues.

Our task as Jakob is to solve the puzzles to make these plagues disappear. They disappear and change into other disgusting plagues, ranging from water turning into blood (lots of leeches), frogs, moths, and so on. What is unique about this game is that each plague provides its own atmosphere and is different. And when we successfully complete our mission, we will see Jakob's memory of his mother. The mission will end when we obtain a black cube-shaped item and place it in a building at the back end of the island. There are many mysteries about this family and their island. I believe they will be unveiled at the end of this game.


Video Gameplay

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