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Free Download Clarc Game Mobile Android APK Puzzle | Lightweight 250mb Size

Game tells the story of a robot named Clarc, which is also the title of this game. He is a robot tasked with repairing damages in this facility. In short, he is a technician robot. What's unique is that the robots in this place seem to have behaviors like humans. What's funny is the opening scene where Clarc meets three robots. They complain because the electricity in the facility is not working. This prevents them from playing music and partying (Ajeb-ajeb) 😁. It's like a socially awkward kid meeting a cool gang of kids. Hahaha.

That's why it makes sense that there is a romantic scene in the next scene. Clarc is fascinated by a trapped female robot and asks for help. But why a rocket? Isn't it going to explode in the end?! But that's love. It doesn't look at appearance or differences. Hehehe. It can be said that this game has an interesting story and scenes in between gameplay. Additionally, the graphics of this game also look good.

Clarc itself is a puzzle game with adventure elements in it. Each level has a relatively large area for the robot to explore. As I played until level 2, most of the puzzles were just about moving a box to a certain place. It could be to open a door or activate power. These puzzles gradually become more difficult. At first, it was just moving one box. But then it became moving three boxes in a small room. It's quite exciting and still manageable. However, the next levels will definitely be more difficult. Because I only played until level 2.

This game also has easy and comfortable controls. There is a virtual d-pad to move Clarc, and there is an elongated button on the right side of the screen. The function of this button, when swiped, is to change/rotate the camera position. It makes it easier to navigate the areas. Because there are many narrow corridors to explore. Then the square button in the middle of the elongated button is used to interact with other characters. Overall, for puzzle game enthusiasts, I recommend trying this game.


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