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Violett Mobile Android Game Point n Click APK OBB

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One of the old point-and-click adventure games on Android. Players will embark on an adventure into a fascinating world through a mouse hole in their room. They find themselves in a world filled with wonders, oddities, and things beyond human comprehension. Violett is an adventure game with puzzle elements, featuring captivating visuals and a compelling story.

Due to her parents' move to a village, a teenage girl has to live in a creepy old house. Forced to distance herself from her friends and city life, she imagines spending her days in the village filled with boredom. Little does she know that a great adventure awaits her.

One day, she sees a glimmer of light coming from a mouse hole. Intrigued, she reaches her hand deeper into the hole and discovers a strange and precious object. In the blink of an eye, she finds herself in a different place. It feels familiar yet distant, magnificent yet dangerous. A place where frogs perform opera, a peculiar garden exists, and she possesses the sudden power of telekinesis when she touches certain creatures. She and her newfound power are trapped by an evil spider queen.

The game will challenge players to think creatively in order to solve puzzles and progress. Use Violett's telekinetic powers to aid her during her adventure and protect her from the clutches of the wicked spider queen, who seeks to use her body to create a trophy. Players can explore the beautiful world through their touch controls.


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