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Dirt Rally Driver HD Mobile Android Game APK

Game drift racing that is different and more interesting than usual. In the time trial mode, we will drive on a track with other vehicles passing by. Then there is the race mode where we will compete with other riders. This feature is common for other racing game genres, but it is rare for the rally genre. The checkpoint mode is also equally interesting. We drive in an open area, following the arrows to reach the designated location before time runs out. Finally, there is the Speed mode, which is almost the same as the checkpoint mode, but it is set on a track.

Although it is mini-sized, this game has good graphics. There are also graphics settings, so it can be adjusted according to our comfort. Starting from adjusting the resolution, texture, to Shadow. It also has quite complete features and many missions in it. Now, here's the problem. Because I suspect that missions in season 2 and beyond may require additional data downloads. I can't check directly because this season is locked. It can only be opened if we obtain 20 stars. Information for this is coming soon. The good thing is that this game supports playing with a gamepad.

The effect of the car while on the track is also cool. The car's body can get dirty when passing through muddy roads, then it becomes clean again when passing through water patches. Yes, although not shown in detail, I think this already adds to the rally experience. Judging from its size, everything in this game exceeds my expectations. Except for the race mode. Because it is very difficult to win in this mode. Besides tough AI, their cars are also faster than the one we use. The problem is, our car is already predetermined for each mission. I feel that this feature greatly limits the player. "How can we win? If the enemy's car is faster???"


Video Gameplay

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