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Black Paradox Mobile Android Game Shooter APK

There's another pixel game. This time it's an arcade shooter genre. And once again, this pixel game also presents something interesting and challenging gameplay. With a difficulty level above the average of usual games. It's quite difficult to survive in the beginning levels, even with a plane that already uses supporting equipment. So the mod money apk that I share below actually makes the game more enjoyable and exciting. Making gameplay a bit easier and can be enjoyed. It seems to take time to get used to its fast rhythm. The gameplay screen in this game is horizontal, where the screen will automatically move from left to right. Hordes of enemies will come from the right side of the screen. Their shots are sometimes unexpected. For example, there are shots that will stop in the middle of the screen, then explode and produce a rain of bullets that are somewhat impossible to avoid. Moreover, on average, the enemies don't explode with just one default shot from our plane. But there are many surprises in its gameplay. For example, there are many types of weapons and boosts that we can find during gameplay.


Video Gameplay

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