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Table Top Racing Mobile Android Game R.C APK


An exciting racing game that according to me is similar to Revolt, perhaps this is another alternative where Revolt game is no longer available on Playstore, RC car racing with many options.

This racing game is really exciting. It has stunning graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Just like its title, the cars in this game are toy cars. They race on a table serving as the race circuit. It feels like a kart racing game, where there are boosts that we can collect along the way. Each boost has its own function. For example, nitro to speed up the vehicle, bombs to trap the cars behind us, and rockets to stop the cars in front. The controls seem to be comfortable. This is also influenced by the car we use. Each car has its own status, including speed, acceleration, handling, and armor. If you want easy controls, choose a car with high handling. There is also a drift system in this game, and each car has its own drifting ability, ranging from poor, average, to good. Some may underestimate drifting, but as we know, when used correctly, it can be useful in sharp turns.


Video Gameplay

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