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Gun Rage Mobile Android Game FPS Polygon

A premium game that strangely feels like a freemium game, that is, there are ads and updates in it. This game is a shooter genre, with a terrorist theme. Remember, it's not a shooter
Fps, so we're just going to move the aim. The character will move automatically according to the scenario. The thing that attracted me to the gameplay was the graphics. Feels like cell shading with cool blood effects. Makes the gameplay feel more fun.
The existence of bosses makes the gameplay of this game even more challenging. Because missions with bosses in them have a level of difficulty that is far above normal missions. Even his subordinates are stronger, you know. Whereas in missions they usually only die in one or two shots, so in this mission the boss needs several shots. It depends on the type and level of weapon too. That's why it gives the impression that it's like a freemium game. As if forcing us to buy the IAP in order to pass the mission.
But don't worry, because what I am sharing below is an unlimited money mod game. So it's a matter of purchasing and upgrading


Video Gameplay

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