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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Mobile Android Game APK


Sometimes let's talk about casual games like this. Quite exciting and addictive guys. The basic concept of this game is a puzzle match three, combined with elements of fighting games. For those who are not familiar, the gameplay is to align 3 identical pictures vertically and horizontally. This is useful to charge the energy of our Slug's shots, so it can be fired. We will shoot each other with the opponent until one of us runs out of blood or HP, just like a fighting game. Slug is an important element in this game. They are snails with various types and elements, as well as various levels. We can obtain them from Chest/reward boxes from our victories against enemies, or buy them directly from the store. What's unique about them is their role. They feel like pets but they are also used as bullets. We can level them up and evolve them just like Pokemon. In addition to strengthening the Slug, evolution also changes the appearance of the Slug to be cooler.


Video Gameplay

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