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Haegemonia - Legions of Iron Mobile Android Game Version APK

My guess! This is a tutorial from its PC version that wasn't changed in the mobile version.
Added to that, the camera angle sometimes confuses. Just imagine, the mission coverage is close, but in a very large area.
Sometimes the aircraft can disappear from the camera.
Because here the camera direction must be manually adjusted. So if our aircraft moves, we have to aim the camera to follow it. Don't miss the exciting moment of the battle, because it's really cool. The visual effects when it explodes are amazing in my opinion. The graphics of this game are exceptional.
It can display beautiful and cool outer space scenery.
If we change the perspective from above or a wide-angle view, we can easily find the aircraft, so it's not a problem for gameplay. It's not as difficult as I imagined. Because basically, this is an RTS game, and it has a similar scheme to other RTS games. It just requires adjustment to understand the gameplay. The more familiar I get, the more I feel that this game has an interesting and exciting gameplay. The average controls of this game are drag and hold. The rest of the controls...


Video Gameplay

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